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Miscellaneous and then some

First i want to say eyeroll @ DrownmyTearsinBeerBitch last night trying to start with me he is lucky i didnt tell Tinka what he told the room about his conversations with her on his phone , with his drunk ass . Maybe we need to give him an intervention .

Beer in the room trying to be chivalrous .( someone pulling his strings )

by the way Beer how about you

When I try to talk common sense to some people and i get this

Villa in the chat room with his superpowers

Villas Fan club

Red and paint when they get banned from a room ( 1000 comment post on Reds page )


Dr . Blogger

In the process ……..

Wire Font Fight heard around the water cooler Part 2

Once upon a time there were 2 middleaged women and one man without a clue who came from AOL, who came from the 50s friends chat , and brady bunch room , they were assigned hazardous duty taking care of danny , but Wireclub took them all away from that , and now they rehash old news and make it new , Im Dr. Blogger and im here to report it you . ( if you didnt recognize this is the beginning of charlie’s Angels i just revamped it for my blog )

So i got one side of the story from blonde , i tried to reach nancii but she didnt answer her phone maybe i should of tried leaving 10000000000000000000 voicemails like danny does lol ..

The beginning of the font fight was over the time zones cause we all know nancii cant be wrong or admit she was wrong , it is PDT time zone not PST time zone gawd learn how to google nancii i mean you do know how , doxing and all (whistling) . And then blonde pops off something about her sleeping with danny ( which is no big deal we all know its true , who really cares but i do find it funny i swear he has a golden penis ) and after nancii said that Catman said ** i lost all respect for you ** ( seriously where has he been she been doing danny since the beginning of time ) and then the font fight started , slinging AOL mud all over Wire club ( lol ) im almost ashamed to say im from aol ( NOT) … Then nancii loses her shit and double whammys blonde about pictures that danny sent her and she sent him ( old aol bullshit ) , FYI danny is never innocent , danny loves when nancii defends him , he loves being the center of attention , and in their own toxic way nancii and danny love each other . Its like what they say you can talk about your ex / or lover but no one esle is allowed kind of thing .

If i left out any details , not important to me ( just saying ) .. i would like to take this time to say Thank you for no idiots commenting on the blog yesterday its nice to have humor in the comments instead blah blah we hate you , you dont tell the truth blah blah ,, thin skinned .. etc etc .. hopefully we can keep it that way .. humor is key in all things ..

below is a gif version of the fight just cause *****

Time Zone font fight the beginning

Nancii and Blonde said this to each other

when Catman found out nancii was still sleeping with danny

Catman upset

then it was on between nancii and blonde after the danny comment


i wish i could say they hugged at the end , but yea i dont see that happening ever …

Dr. Blogger xoxox


Dragnet Wire Style Part 1

Update on yesterdays blog i got emails and the original characters in the fights from the other day , their versions ..

Ladies and Gentlemen the story you are about to read is true, the names have been changed to protect the innocent . This is WireClub of America , i work here im a painter of words .

It was a nice night all was going well till Tinka came in and said the dreaded words lmao@the blog then hell broke out .. below is a version that will entertain and amuse , all characters have been giving a sedative , so not to freak out.

Tinka came in to rescue puff from the trenches of the chat room and whisk him off the other room where they had snacks and a buffet waiting for his arrival . Below is a copy i received .

************************* video version below********

puff when shit starts going down and tinka wont stop

chicka yelling blow me

Nancii the whole time

tinka in the room spreading joy

in case you missed it / it looked kind of like this

** tomorrow the other font fight ** stay tuned to a blog near you **

Dr. Blogger xoxox